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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Crabs to fly, anyone?

Just when you thought things are becoming familiar, you always find a new thing that amazes you about China!

I was en route to Changchun 2 weeks ago when my plane was delayed in Shanghai and I had nothing better to do but to walk around the terminal. Here I was, standing in front of a kiosk in a domestic terminal of Shanghai Pudong International Airport and was totally amazed to the view in front of me! Fresh crabs to go!

I took some pictures with my mobile phone, so perhaps the pictures are not coming to good but that was the only media that I had at that moment.

Later I found that crabs from this region is very famous in China and especially in this season, people would buy and bring them as sweeteners to their hometown relatives!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just an update..

My work has been quite tiring but yet challenging in the past couple of months. Starting with hectic and stressful three-years operative planning process which were finally accepted by the board of management in Germany beginning of this week (after 3 months preparation), to various kind of projects which involves investing in total new production company in China (and seriously, this will be my first time doing that) to (and still ongoing) potential closing one of our unprofitable business line (which of course involves redundancy plans, risk of future warranty claim, etc). Not to mention the day to day routine job that I still have to do in the office. I was practically only moving from one meeting room to another and presenting one fact after another to different parties involved. Thankfully my company has only 2 floors and 4 meeting rooms.

As the year almost ends in less than 6 weeks, I am really excited with the long vacation trip in December. I have to honestly say that I don’t know why I still come to work everyday, my mind has been continuously wandered to the beach and sun down in Copacabana and the relaxing sound of wind and water which are like lullaby to my ears and of course delicious Brazilian rodizio and its caipirinha. I have all the plane tickets, hotel bookings and visas ready. All I need is to survive for the next 5 weeks in the office!

But before I can do all of those, I still have to attend the company’s board of management meeting at the end of this month, still have two visitors for two new (as they are always) important projects, a trip to the cold-minus 15 degree and snowing Changchun plant is still in the agenda (I just found out about it last night, thanks boss!) and prepare for the year-end closing with the Accounting manager. I tell you all, that beach in Brazil is better be good!!!

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I cordially wish to thank The Ohio State University!

I got my US Visa! It was interesting that I had to blog about this story!

It actually happened to me twice already!

The last time I had my US Visa interview (prior to this one) was when I was still in Jakarta. At that time I had to wait about 2 hrs and when I was called to the interview booth, the guy (american) just handed me a green card (mean I was granted a visa) and told me to have a nice trip. I actually asked him if he wanted to question me (as I have prepared some documents and have waited a long time) and he told me the interview is not necessary as I graduated from The Ohio State University in US.

Yesterday me and Jorge were already in the consulate in Shanghai at 9 am in the morning, and our number was not called until 12! We were literally the last person to leave the consulate (after we left, they locked the consulate door).

When the guy called us to the booth, he was going through my application form and started asking me some questions with not-so-friendly-but-typical-consulate-guy voice.

First question was to verify if I was working at DaimlerChrysler before. As you know, this can mean both ways as the americans still think that Daimler is responsible for the loss of Chrysler. I cannot really guess from his voice what his opinion about it.

Second question was how long I have been working in China and how long is my contract. He also tried to speak a little bit of German to test if I really have a valid working contract with a company in Germany and I have had lived in Germany before. He soon noticed that my German is way better than his.

So then he went further down the application and he noticed that I went to Ohio State Univ. He immediately closed the application, put his ok signature on the paper and said sorry to me and wished me a nice trip.

He then completely changed his tone to really friendly and open to any stupid questions I asked him. I asked him what he feels sorry for. He said that he didn't read that I went to Ohio State before he started asking me the previous questions. He also forgot to interview Jorge and gave his immediate ok to his application (we submitted joint application).

This is the second time happens for me, I am seriously thinking to send a thank you note to the board of The Ohio State University for having such a good reputation and making my visa applications (notice the plural) so easy!

What do you think? Should I go ahead and do it??

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