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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another Farewell

Last Friday I went out with my boss (you can see his picture rock climbing in the previos post) to have our last dinner together in Shanghai. We sat, also with Jorge and one other friend, by the River Huang and started to chat about his time here in China and our time working together for the last 2 months. He is such a great guy and I really am sad that I didn't get to work with him for a longer period. His assignment in China is due and he will be back to Germany end of this week.

It is funny that eventhough we only worked for 2 months but we can almost read each other mind. We had our last conversation in the office last Thursday to discuss work after he left and he can always feel that I had still some issues that I haven't speak out. It scares me a bit when your boss can almost read your mind! But then again, it is always good to work together with him. We are such a solid team that we have been winning some difficult negotiations with the headquarter these past few weeks. I can still recall one night we had a phone conference with the German headquarter people at 7 pm! We were so tired after the long day at work but we can still present our ideas in brilliant way and made them almost speechless. They actually accepted our ideas without further arguments. And these are the people who are known to be "difficult".

I have 3 bosses during the last 10 years of my working life but I had only 2 that I really respect and admire and I wish I can be like one someday. One was my boss when I was in Indonesia and now him. I wish life doesn't have to change so much and people doesn't need to say goodbye so often. But unfortunately we three are difficult people, we are never satisfied of what we have so far. We always want more!

We ended our dinner at 2 am in the morning (the waitress was so relieved when we left) and we hoped that we will have a chance to work together again in the future, him as the CEO and I am the CFO (he told me that he will for sure promotes me to be one!) in one of our affiliation in...Azerbaijan!!! (Ok, I told him that he should choose Australia or South Africa, it will be much favorable!!!)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Company Outing

The company invited me for a three days outing last week but they forgot to tell me that they will climb Mt. Huang (the most popular mountain in China). Well ok, it's not really a mount climbing with rope but it's still not that easy to walk up and down the stairs in the mountain with only 1 free hand. They were quite steep steps and there were not a lot of security railings available.

The trip started 3.30 am (yes, AM!!!) and we took Yungu cable car (enlarge map to see) to climb to White Goose Range (about 1600 m). Then we climbed to Book Case Peak and walked up and down the mountain via Bright Summit to take the other cable car down from Lotus Peak. The whole walk was about 25 km and we finished at around 2 pm.

Some people worried about my condition and they wanted me to use a human-carried chair. I told them that I won't be caught alive carried on a chair! Besides, I believe on my own feet and I did managed to finish second in the hike! The first group was mainly the germans, me was the second and the rest of the chinese were way behind me! Not bad for a one handed girl, huh??

At night our feet were so sore that we decided to go for a foot massage in the city. I am not quite sure whether that was effective as we were more busy chatting, drinking and making fun/photos one to the other than really enjoying the foot massage itself. But nevertheless it was a fun night :-)

We went also to Huizou Grotto and Western Lake in Hangzhou the day after. Yap, you will see me with my arm sling in the last picture!

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

French Spiderman climbed the Jinmao Tower

Yup, you read it right! Last Thursday a french man decided to put a little show by climbing Jinmao Tower and dressing like spiderman. The man, named Alain Robert, was immediately secured by the chinese police squad and rumour said that they shorthen his residence permit in China. But he indeed managed to climb to the top of the world's third tallest building!

Photo taken without permission from Shanghai Daily, detailed story can be read here

UPDATE: The french spiderman's blog is currently blocked for viewing in China :-)

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