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Sunday, May 28, 2006

A long weekend

It's a long weekend in Germany and we don't have anything planned except for the Bon Jovi's concert we went yesterday. We decided to just drove down to Munich to visit Germany's most expensive city to live and home to the number one FC Bayern München. And while we were there, I decided to apply for Czech's visa for our upcoming trip to Prague!

Photos Explanation :
  1. The Rathaus (Town Hall) of Munich
  2. The Marien Column in front of the Town Hall
  3. I think this somehow gives the image of the late Rudolph Moshammer; an eccentric Munich Fashion designer killed early 2005.


Bon Jovi's - European Have a Nice Day Tour

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Were in Bon Jovi's concert in Stuttgart yesterday and here is one of the videos. You will probably see more of the lady dancing but unfortunately this is the best I can do!! Enjoy!!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wolverhampton: mid July-Oct 2006

Ok, this is the next on the agenda! I will have to work there during summer and so far I dunno whether to be excited or to worry a bit! I’ve posted a thread in Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum just to know what to do in this city for 4 months, and I received this as reply “as for things to do in wolverhampton for 4 months? drink heavily and spend as much time as possible in Brum”. All I can think of is only “Great, I don’t even know where Brum is!”

So summer in UK, anyone???

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

smarties forever

A friend of mine gave me this picture yesterday and all of a sudden it strikes me how much I missed my old pals in my old company! How each of them have taken their own way and how very little time that we can spend together again!!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tongeren: The Oldest Town in Belgium

Ok, for those of you who probably wonder where Tongeren is; don’t even bother to find it in a map, I can tell you that it is a small city about an hour from Brussels and Aachen, Germany and maybe 30 minutes outside of Maastricht, Netherland. Find these 3 cities in your map and perhaps you can imagine more or less where Tongeren is.

The population in Tongeren is only about 29,000 people and after 2 weeks that I worked there, I feel that I know already 150 of them! Those are the people who work in our company plus some of the hotel’s staff! But seriously, the city is really small that everytime you go in a restaurant, you feel immediately that you are foreigners in there as the whole restaurant knew and greeted each other but yourself!!!

Amazing from this city is only that the natives there speak minimum 4 languages!! Their actual mother language is Flemish (a local dialect which combines Dutch and French), then they started to learn the correct Dutch and French in school, and later on they have the possibility to learn either English or German (well, if English is your choice, you will have no problem understanding German also as it is not so different from Dutch). What a very multilingual community!!!

Pictures of Tongeren:
  1. The city is surrounded by old city wall
  2. The 15th Century church dome stands arrogantly in the middle of the city center
  3. Ok this one is my fave!! This actually a one-way street in the direction of the approaching car. Don't ask me why they decided to put a traffic light pointing to the opposite direction, too. But officially you are not allowed to go on the opposite direction, except of course if you are a tourist who doesn’t really familiar with the local situation or should I say, Belgian’s logic??

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Spring is finally here!

The first real sunny week in Stuttgart! We decided to be a bit creative by adding two sun chairs in our little balcony so we can sit back, relax, enjoy the sun, reading books, drinking cold beers or simply doing a stupid things like watching the people watching us!
And of course a credit to Jorge's wireless LAN installation that allows us to be online anywhere within 100m radius from our apartment!!