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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


We were also in Chamonix a few weeks ago to celebrate the end of 2006 with our Brazilian friends that we met during my stay in England. We were a bit too early (or the summer is just a bit too long this year) and so we cannot go skiing yet.

It felt a bit funny for me; that day we were together in the top of Mont Blanc in Europe, but in 2007 we will be far away apart. Me and Jorge will be in China while Rosi and Alex will be in Brazil. We can even hardly call each other due to the time different.

But we sure hope that we will meet again someday...

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Christmas Party

It's not something we do yearly but this time Jorge wants to show off his 'turkey-cooking-skill'. So we had some friends coming to the apartment and another Mexican colleague from us insisted to make a 'Pinata'. It's apparently a traditional mexican christmas tradition for the children to hit the Pinata and get all the candies and nuts hidden inside. As it turned out for us, everybody seems to really enjoy it. I guess, in every man lies a child inside...

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Moving to Shanghai – Chapter 3: German Residence Permit

As my valid employment contract is still with Germany and that I am almost 5 years in Germany, I am eligible to apply for a “Niederlassungserlaubnis” (translation: Settlement permit or unlimited residence permit) from German’s government.

However, as I will be in Shanghai for the next 3 years, things get a bit more complicated for the permit (ok, confession: complication is my specialties!!). I can only keep the residence status only if I continue paying the German’s social obligations (ie. pension fund) and have valid contact address in Germany (Anmeldebestätigung)

The second condition is interesting. How I have to convince a German to allow us to be registered in his/her house? Germans are very law-binding people. To register someone living in their house but not necessarily stay physically there might lead to questions from the officials (don't worry, it's not illegal act either). Additionally, the German's city hall official (Rathaus) will need to verify the income level, space available in the house and personal history of the host person. So imagine how relieve I am when a friend of mine called me tonight and confirm that we can be registered to his parents' house and the parents are even already prepared to sign all paperworks required!!! *big relieve*


Friday, December 01, 2006

Moving to Shanghai - Chapter 2: Home Country Leave

As an incentive to those who are voluntarily (or stupid enough?!) to move to another country, the company grants you a round trip ticket for you and your family to travel to your home country once every year.

An interesting discussion popped out today when I have to fill out the name of my home country. What is my home country? Is it Germany? Or Indonesia? Or Mexico?

Anyway, I don't want to start any discussion for myself so I decided to take the easy put “Mexico” as home country. That should make Jorge jumps to the roof as he gets to see his mom more often now and I get to expand my travel plan to Latin America also!!! *devil’s laugh*

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