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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Moving to Shanghai – Chapter 4: Look & See Trip

Happy New Year 2007!

It has been a while since the last post but things have been speed up really quick lately. Back from Indonesia in the beginning of January, just managed to stay in Germany for 2 days and now I am already a week in Shanghai for my look & see trip. The plan is to stay in the city for 5 weeks, get used with the company and also find place to live for April on. After that we will come back to Germany and start our official moving preparation.

So far Shanghai is ok, the city is not so much different with Jakarta, really crowded and metropolitan. Center of Shanghai is divided into 2 main districts, which easy to see the border since Huang Pu River runs in the middle. One district is Puxi, an established Shanghai district since British era, and a new area, where my office and appartment located on, is called Pudong district or the new business area. Pudong district can be easily marked with important landmarks such as the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Jin Mao Mansion and site for the upcoming World Financial Center, supposed to be temporarily the world's tallest building upon completion in year 2008.

Again, compared to Jakarta, Shanghai is much more international. You'll find English, German and French speaking people anywhere in the city. One downside point is the local doesn't speak much English, except those who work in multinational companies. So it can get a bit frustrating sometimes when you want to get around..but body languange is proven to be internationally effective language!

People are really friendly compared to European. I have been here for a week and always be invited to lunch and dinner. On the weekend, they even arranged for 2 full days entertainment, starting from breakfast to nightlife. But this weekend I have to give that up. As much as I want to see the city, I really need my weekend sleep to recover for my already 2 weeks flu! That's really annoying!!!

Unfortunately I can't give any snapshots of Shanghai at this moment as we lost our camera in the last trip to Chamonix. We are still not very happy with that! Anyway, as we are staying here for another 3 years (but officially from April on), there will be enough time to share pictures of Shanghai.

This is really year, new job challenge, new place to explore!! I hope it will work out ok!!

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