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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy day!!!

I am so goddamn happy now! I just got my 3 weeks holiday approved by my boss! So now it's official in the plan; Christmas in Mazatlan with Jorge's family and New Year's eve somewhere in the beach in Rio!!!!

Brazil, here we come!!!!!


Saturday, July 14, 2007


If you live here in China, you will sometimes find yourself trapped in Chinglish conversation. It can be a simple spelling error or grammatical error or vocabulary mistake which can unfortunately lead to total misunderstanding.

Here are some samples of Chinglish photo that I met so far.

A German guy makes a good compilation for Chinglish, you can find it here

But ok, just to be fair to the Chinese, you will find this language problem everywhere in non-English speaking countries. In fact, I found also a German-English in one of the restaurant in Lake Konstanz.

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Starbucks closes Beijing's Forbidden City outlet

The decision is finally taken after months of debates over the existence of Starbucks outlet in one of China's famous landmark. Starbucks discountinued its outlet in Forbidden City effective from end June 2007.

Here is the link from China Daily.

Good thing I have been there!!!

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Saturday, July 07, 2007


Two world events are happening today! One is the 24hrs world music marathon, known as Live Earth Concert to promote better climate in the world and also the voting of the new 7 wonder of modern world in Lisbon.

I am so excited to see which one will win!!! I voted for Great Wall of China and Jorge voted for Chichen Itza, Mexico.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Short trip to Germany

Weather was so bad when I was in Germany last week. It was cloudy and rainy and cloudy and rainy and most importantly, no blue sky whatsoever. It was quite dissapointing but at least I didn't have any problem with the air travel. The metal pin I carry inside of my shoulder didn't beep in the security check, neither in Shanghai airport nor in Frankfurt. I also managed to extend my residence permit in Germany :-)

I had a 2 days workshop in the Black Forest with 80 other finance people worldwide. I met again some Brazilian friends that I used to work together in UK. I brought them some of bags from chinese fake market and in return I have brazilian coffee and chacaca, the most important rum to make caipirinha! *slurp*

I had also a dinner with the old smarties colleagues. To my surprise, about 15 people showed up and we chatted until late at night. So many changes and stories to tell. It was really a fun night.

I didn't get to make picture but a colleague emailed me 2 pictures from the workshop.

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