The Wandering Continues...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese Birthday to me :-)

Being in Shanghai for almost 5 weeks helps me to remember my long forgotten original chinese root. It is very common in China that people celebrate their birthday according to the lunar calendar rather than western calendar, especially those who were born before the 60s.

I am lucky to have a very easy birthday to remember, as I was born 2 days before the Chinese New Year.

So today is my birthday, according to the Chinese lunar calendar.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Moving to Shanghai - Chapter 5: Apartment Hunting

I have never thought that looking for apartment can be so tiring. We have spent one weekend looking into 9 different apartment complex and so far we managed to narrow down to 3 different area. But we are still not 100% happy with the selections and we probably will hunt again this coming weekend *sigh*

Also, most of the apartment managements in Shanghai offer service apartment concepts and mainly fully furnished apartments. Even if we can negotiate to remove the furniture, they still cannot lower the rental fee as they have ordered the furniture according to the number of units available. We are seriously considering to store our furniture in Germany.

As for the price goes, you'll better not ask. It will be something that we can’t afford by ourselves!

So far, we’ve found one that we really like but we have only one small issue..the boss of my company lives also in the same building :-(